some more old photos…tell me what you think

footwear assignment

ok here is a shot that I took last semester that I really liked.  I was only using a Cannon cyber shot.  However, my professor didn’t like it because he said the exposure (or the flash) was too harsh.  I think if I would have taken the picture earlier in the day, I wouldn’t need the flash and it would have been a better picture. Tell me what you think.

Here is another one that I think I probably would have made a better grade on because there is no glare from the flash. However, the assignment was to take a picture as if it was for a advertisement and i think maybe that the background may distract from the photo.

oh yea here is a cool song i heard on the radio. Thought you might enjoy it!

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One thought on “some more old photos…tell me what you think

  1. Was this taken as the 337 shoe ad assignment? This is definitely one of the more creative ones I’ve seen! Yes, I think if you could have used an SLR they would have turned out better. Perhaps less depth of field would help the shoes really stand out? It may be worth revisiting for your portfolio – I like the idea.

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